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This year’s Grey Cup breakfast should be one of the best in recent memory. This will be a once in a lifetime experience as you will be able to eat breakfast and share a few mimosas with some of the greatest CFL players of all time. The breakfast takes place November 24th from 8 AM to 10 AM at Shaw Conference Centre. The breakfast is part of a five-day festival for the 107th live Grey Cup event in Edmonton and it will certainly be one of the highlights of the festival.

Grey Cup Breakfast

It will be the 40th annual Athletes in Action Grey Cup Breakfast, which is an incredible feat for the CFL and all of the athletes in the CFL. The breakfast offers a rare glimpse into the lives of former CFL players, coaches, and personalities as they tell stories, share life lessons and explain how the CFL was a huge part of their life. The breakfast is a great way to show that the stars of CFL are just as human as anyone else on this planet.

“They’re not just poster boy,” said Dave Klassen, the national pro ministry director, and chaplain to the CFL. “We like to take people on a journey at the breakfast and help them understand that there’s a different way of life, that faith in Jesus Christ can make a difference.”

“What we try and do is show people that the players they watch on the field are real people. They have real problems, real issues. We’ll have husbands and wives up there talking about how they deal with the pressures of being a professional football player and a spouse at home. For example, how do you as a wife or a  girlfriend deal with angry fans in the stands?”

This is great so fans can see their idols talk about the problems that everyone has and they can discuss how they deal with them. Many football player’s wives have now had to deal with the dangers of the games with concussions and CTE causing more and more problems in players each year. Getting a glimpse into they regular lives can help regular people understand how they can deal with their own problems.

Wally Buono, the general manager, VP of football operations, and head coach of the BC Lions had this to say about the event, “There’s more to you. A lot of people keep things private. Some people believe that they have a platform to be able to share the Good News. I believe that when you’re put in this position, that’s a responsibility.”

The breakfast has had plenty of incredible stars from past events such as Henry Burris, Henoc Muamba, Barrin Simpson, Anthony Calvillo, Kerry Joseph, Chuck Ealey, John Hufnagel, Wally Buono, Michael “Pinball” Clemons, and other CFL stars. Michael Clemons is now one of the premier guests and serves as MC for the breakfast.

Klassen had this to say about Clemons, “He’s been our guest speaker for a while. We’ve moved him more into an MC role for the main reason that the interviews he does, he’s been able to capture so many things. He’s just phenomenal. We try to get as many interviews in as we can. And people still get a full dose of Pinball because he’s involved in almost everything.” Pinball is an incredible MC and anyone who is interested in this event should make sure that they get their tickets and make it a part of their five-day festival.

If you are a fan of the CFL at all you should certainly check this out as it will be a morning that you will never forget. The tickets are $100 each and can be purchased here

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